SimXChange provides a simple and intuitive user experience

SimXChange provides a simple and intuitive user experience. The platform provides the possibility to search for slots that are offered by training organizations, airlines and other partners worldwide, therefore delivering value to both buyers and sellers.
Fullflight simulators
Flighttraining devices
Aviationtraining devices
Aviationtraining devices

The idea of SimXChange

The idea of SimXChange is to create a marketplace for surplus and deficit of simulator slots.

SimXchange will disrupt the traditional simulator training industry and creates efficiencies in the market. SimXchange will form a platform economy that connects supply and demand of simulator time and related services.

User experience

Buyers can filter on variables such as simulator type, simulator systems(FMS/CDU/visual systems) training type, trainer, location and additional services in order to find the right match. After confirming and verifying the required information, the request is sent to the seller in order to finalize the agreement.
Sellers can upload their surplusses in order to find potential buyers. Pricers are suggested by the algorhithm of SimXChange and can then be manually adjusted.
As soon as the buyer and seller agree on the terms and conditions, additional services can be booked through the platform, including travel and hotel services.

Match buyers and sellers

  • SimXChange understands the market dynamics of the training industry and therefore provides a fair price for buyers and sellers of simulator time slots. Supply and demand are brought together through the innovative algorithm that weighs all important variables and market conditions.
  • Buyers can filter for each type: full flight simulators (a-d), flight training devices(4-7) and even ATD’s.
  • SimXChange offers a fair and transparant pricing model for all users and stakeholders involved: a base fee of $000 for each user per year and a commssion of only %0percent on the final transactions.
  • 24/7support is provided for users of the platform in order to guarantee and safeguard transactions. Predictive insights.

Regulations and compliance

SimXChange understands importance of regulation and compliance in aviation training. In order to ensure that the platform meets all legal and regulatory requirements, particularly in terms of safety and security, SimXChange works together with relevant partners in the field.
SimXChange integrated compliance and regulations into the algorithm in order to ensure the appropriate match between buyers and sellers.

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Our clients provide the challenge and Nextgear Aviation
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